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Tech Waiver


Overview Of Technology Assisted Waiver

taking picture with two elderlyThe Technology Assisted Waiver is designed to afford individuals who meet the age appropriate waiver and financial eligibility criteria a choice of home and community based care services rather than reside in an acute care hospital, long stay hospital or specialized care nursing facility. Eligible individual’s are both children and adults who are chronically ill or severely impaired, needing both a medical device to compensate for the loss of a vital body function and require substantial and ongoing skilled nursing care to avert further disability or to sustain their lives.

Waiver Enrollment

Regardless of age, the request for consideration for enrollment into the waiver may originate from acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, through the local department of social services or the health department in which the individual lives or from the community. All individuals must have a Virginia Universal Assessment (UAI) Instrument completed by the local preadmission screening team in the community, nursing facility or hospital discharge planner. The Department of Medical Assistance Services completes the final waiver eligibility determination and enrollment as well as the authorization for skilled private duty nursing services.


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